Rental Preparation - Take these steps for a successful rental!

Below you will find some useful information as you prepare for your upcoming rental.

  1. Reach out to your renter - We have noted that homeowner-renter communication prior to the check-in makes a much smoother rental process.
  2. How do you get paid - Rental proceeds are sent via direct deposit. Please make sure your bank account and tax information are correct. Check out this link to learn how to add your payment information. For your review, here are more details about taxes on rental income.
    1. How did tax reporting change beginning January 1, 2022?
    2. Do I have to pay federal taxes on my money earned during renting?

  3. When will you get paid - Rental proceeds are processed 48 hours after check-out and will arrive in your account the following day. Please note, that this is when we release the damage deposit from the renter's credit card. If any incidentals are to be reported, please contact us within this time frame and make sure to take photos.
  4. Verify your lockbox code within your listing - On your profile page, choose the green Edit listing link. Choose the Amenities option on the left side of the page. The lock box code can be found near the bottom of the page. This code is sent via email to the renter once an active damage deposit is placed on their credit card.
  5. Review the Clean Home Checklist and start preparing your home.
  6. Review the sample home guide and create one for your home - Sample Home Guide
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