What is a lockbox?

Lockboxes are a safe way to transfer keys to and from your guest. MasterLock is a trusted brand, similar to what realtors use. Once you have a lockbox, please place it on the handle of your front door to ensure easy access for your renter. Renters will return your home key to the lockbox upon check-out. 

Note, if you plan to use a keyless entry or garage code instead of a lockbox (which is perfectly fine!) please be sure to detail this in your instructions to a guest prior to their arrival.

The code for your lockbox is sent via email to your guest once the damage deposit hold is placed on their credit card so please make sure this code always up-to-date to avoid confusion at check-in. 

To update the lockbox code on file, please

  • Choose the link to Edit Listing on your user profile
  • Choose the Amenities option on the left side of the page
  • The lockbox field is near the bottom of the page. Be sure to hit save

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