How should I prepare for my rental?

This guide to preparing your home has a super handy checklist you can follow while cleaning your home for guests:

What is stressed most is the cleanliness of the home. Please be sure to take out all trash, clean any dirty dishes, and prepare all beds with clean linens before your guests arrive. Providing extra amenities like a beverage of the renters' choice or something fresh-baked can also go a long way in the success of your rentals! 

Many homeowners go through a deep cleaning at the start of the season, then find that rentals keep them on top of tidying up the home continuously. You can certainly decide to hire a cleaning service to prepare your home prior to a rental - this can take away any stress it may cause! 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to the RLAC team for tips and suggestions - we're happy to help! 

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