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Getting Started

Get your Rent Like A Champion account set up in just 7 simple step.

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Account Management

Manage your account, view future and past rentals, answer questions and offers

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Marketing your Home

Edit your listing, update photos, add a tagline, beef up your description, make your

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Property Availability

Are you available or unavailable? Let's find out!

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Prepare for your Rental

A little sweat equity can go a long way...

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Receiving Payment

Add/edit bank account, payment timing

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Insurance & Security

You're safe with Rent Like A Champion.

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Tax Information

Claiming rental income.

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Booking a Home

Everything about RLAC in a nutshell.

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Find a Rental

Browse homes, select a home, book a home - enjoy your trip!

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Paying for a home, damage deposits

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Your Profile

Yes, you have a profile! Let us show you how it works.

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Renter Responsibilities

Contact host, check in and out of a home, leave a review

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