Can a renter extend their stay or request additional nights?

Rent Like A Champion operates as an instant booking platform for any event a homeowner has pricing added. If a renter wishes to book your property outside of the standard event dates, they will need to start a negotiation or make the homeowner an offer. 

Homeowners are notified via email from Rent Like A Champion of pending offers/negotiations. 

There are two ways a homeowner may reply to an offer/negotiations.   

  1. Through the link provided in the email   
  2. Log in to your account and view the request in your Negotiations tab

When you are ready to answer the request, you can accept or decline the renter's terms.  

  • Hit the 'accept' button if you agree to the exact terms (remember the price is for the total stay). Once you accept the terms, a renter can proceed by making payment for the rental. If you'd like to change the price for the dates, please click inside the Price box and edit the rate. 
    • Even if you accept, some renters never make payment and complete the booking process.  
    • If a renter does complete the booking process by making payment, you will receive a confirmation email with the rental details, including dates, price, and renter, contact information.
  • If you hit the 'decline' button, the request is removed from our system completely. Only choose decline if your property is not available for the requested dates.
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