What does instant booking mean?

Rent Like A Champion is an instant-booking platform which means if you have a price added for a specific event interested renters can book your home on the spot. We like to split events into two categories; traditional and custom.

  • Traditional events are any predetermined events we have listed on the site, such as football weekends or golf tournaments. Here you are able to add pricing to show availability. If you have a price listed, you can be booked without being contacted first by us or a potential renter, as pricing confirms availability. Once booked, you are notified via email with a rental confirmation notice. This information can also be viewed on the Future Rentals tab of your profile. 
  • Custom events are any other dates outside of the predetermined, traditional events. Your property cannot be booked for any other dates outside of the traditional events without your approval. When a potential renter wants to book your property outside of the traditional events, you will be notified via email. You will then have the option to decline or accept the offer.

Anytime you are booked you receive a confirmation email with the rental details, including dates, your proceeds, and the renter's name and email address. Please be sure to reach out to your renters prior to check-in! This makes the entire rental process smoother for both parties.

Note, for PGA golf events posted on the website, while adding a price does confirm your home is available for those dates, these rentals are not instant-book. A member of the RLAC team will contact you when a group is interested in renting your home for a golf event to ensure all details are set before moving forward. 

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