How do I know how many people sleep in my home?

When creating an account, you have control in determining the number of guests your home can accommodate. To determine your home’s accommodations, the following guide can be used:

King Bed - 2 people, Queen Bed - 2 people, Full Bed - 2 people, Twin Bed - 1 person, Air Mattress - 1 person, Sleeper Sofa - 1 person, Sofa - 1 person. Please note, only list air mattresses if you will provide an air mattresses for guests.

It is important that the type of bed be noted accurately. For example, if the bed is a full-size pullout sofa, it should be noted as such. It should not be noted as a full-size bed.

Please be sure to only list the number of people you are comfortable accommodating as renters are not to exceed this number without prior approval to booking. 

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