Taking great photos

As you can imagine, quality photos of your home are the most important part of creating your listing and a required step to have your listing approved.

  • Images that are bright and clear of any unnecessary clutter perform better and lead to more rentals. Make sure beds are made, toilet lids are placed in the down position, dirty dishes are cleared from the sink, etc. 
  • We recommend taking and uploading at least one photo of every room in the home. At least 5 are required to be verified and listed on the website.
  • Feel free to review our guide to taking photos here: http://info.rentlikeachampion.com/homeowner-photos-tips
  • A smartphone with a steady hand can take great images, but you can also explore hiring a professional photographer! While that is more of an investment, it can really go a long way in the quality of your listing. Professional photos really pop against other homes on the site and lead to more eyes on your listing, more rentals, and more money in your pocket! 

PLEASE NOTE: Photos must be a current representation of the home. To confirm the accuracy of photos advertised to guests, Rent Like A Champion may ask that the homeowner visit the property to take new photos of their space as it is today.

  • Photos from a previous owner are not allowed.
  • Fake, stock, or doctored images are not allowed. This includes any artificially generated photos.

When your photos are ready, you can upload your images via the Photos tab of your listing profile. 

To navigate, My Profile > Your Properties > Edit Listing > Photos

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