How do I make myself available and unavailable?

Homeowners have total control over which events they choose to list as available. 

If you are NOT available for a particular weekend please be sure to leave the pricing field for that particular event blank. This will ensure your home is not shown as available for those dates and cannot be booked. 

Also, when entering a price for an event, do not to use any special characters such as dollar signs, decimal points, or commas. Use numbers only.

To remove your availability, please 

  • Visit the Dates and Pricing tab of your user profile, or the Availability tab of your listing profile
  • Scroll to the weekend/event you'd like to remove
  • Delete the price you have listed and hit save

To add your availability, please 

  • Visit the Dates and Pricing tab of your user profile, or the Availability tab of your listing profile
  • Add your total price for that event and hit save! The price you include should be for the entire event, not a per night price. 

Please note, if you add pricing for a particular event you can be booked instantly.


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