I need to cancel a rental

To state the obvious, cancellations are unfortunate. After you determine that there is absolutely no way you can accommodate a set reservation, please contact your renters to explain the issue and copy info@rentlikeachampion.com. Rent Like A Champion will handle refunding the renter and helping them find alternate accommodations.

Please note, per the owner contract, "If Homeowner's Property is not available after it has been reserved or if Rent Like A Champion, in its sole discretion, determines that an Occupant is owed a refund or requires an alternative property, Homeowner may be liable under the Terms for any costs associated with such refund and/or alternative property."  

To avoid a cancellation, please be sure to maintain your availability. To remove your availability, please 

  • Visit the Dates and Pricing tab of your user profile, or the Availability tab of your listing profile
  • Scroll to the weekend/event you'd like to remove
  • Delete the price you have listed and hit save
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