What is the damage deposit?

About  72 hours prior to check-in, Rent Like A Champion will place a $1,000 damage deposit on the card used to book the home. This hold is released 48 hours after check-out, provided we are not made aware of any incidentals from the homeowner. Please keep in mind, this hold is not an additional charge. 

If you used a PayByGroup to book a home, the organizer of the group will need to log into their Rent Like A Champion user profile and update their account with a valid credit card.

RLAC recommends using a credit card for the deposit, as this will show the hold as a pending or authorized transaction. Using a debit card will actually tie up those funds for the duration of the hold. 

The deposit is a mandatory part of the rental process. If you do not have a valid card on file, or if Rent Like A Champion is unable to place a hold on the card, you will not be able to check-in to the home.

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