St Joseph County Vacation Rental Tax Law

Changes to the Indiana state tax law recently went into effect in 2019. This new ordinance requires rental booking agents like Rent Like A Champion to collect state and local taxes (called the "state gross retail tax” and "county innkeeper's tax, respectively) on behalf of homeowners using their booking service.

These amount to 7% for the Indiana state sales tax, and 6% for the St. Joseph County innkeeper's tax.

Questions you may be thinking about in light of this change - 

How will this affect my fees?
Not at all! The proceeds you receive from the list price on your rentals will remain the same.

So… what’s changing?
As a result of this new ordinance, beginning right now the booking fees paid by the customer will be raised by just 13% to help cover the cost of these taxes.

Again, this will only be a change from the renter side of each transaction, as reflected by the county innkeeper's tax and state gross retail tax line items they’ll see at checkout.

I still have some questions. Where can I get more information?

More information regarding this law can be found on the Indiana Department of Revenue website at:

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