How do I rent?

Welcome to Rent Like A Champion! To view all available homes and book a property, please 

  • Type the name of the town or school you plan to visit on the RLAC homepage. You can always get back to the homepage by choosing the Rent Like A Champion logo in the upper left-hand corner. It's the house with the light on upstairs! 
  • Once on the event page for a particular town, choose the weekend you will visit to see all available homes. All homes listed under a specific event are available and can be booked directly through the website, right on the spot. Feel free to filter results by price, size, and distance.
  • Once you have booked and paid for a home, you will receive a confirmation email with the exact address of the home, as well as the owner’s contact information. 
  • Finally, enjoy your trip!

View all homes right here! 

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